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Eaton Airflex Clutches and Brakes

Eaton’s Airflex clutches embody the principles of classic design: superior performance, long life and high quality. For over 40 years, they’ve been providing superior drivetrain products by continuously adapting and innovating our products to meet industry requirements.

Cohort supply complete units and spare parts.

Eaton Airflex Water Cooled Brake

The third Generation Eaton Airflex water cooled brake is disc type, externally water cooled dynamic brake designed to dissipate extremely high thermal loads.

Eaton Airflex Type CB

Eaton Airflex Type CB units are the perfect fit for both clutch and brake applications in high-speed, cyclic operations as well as coupling and general power transmission.

Eaton Airflex VE

Eaton Airflex VE expanding-type units have a special heat-dissipating design that excels in medium-speed cyclic applications.

Eaton Airflex CS

Eaton Airflex CS type automatically engaging in the event of a power loss, Eaton Airflex CS drum-style brakes are unidirectional units that develop less torque in the reverse direction of drum rotation.

Eaton Airflex Friction Renewal Kit

Eaton Airflex friction renewal kit, consisting of Airfle VC – Friction Shoes, Release springs and Torque Bars.

Eaton Airflex Rotorseal

Eaton Airflex Rotorseal