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Brake and Clutch Relining

Cohort offers a complete bonding and riveting reline service (or a combination of both) for all your brake & clutch components. We’ll find the right relining solution with asbestos-free friction materials that come in a wide selection of performance-based lining compounds. When it comes to brake bands / discs / pads / shoes, and clutch brakes / discs, we’re ready to reline your parts.

  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Industrial Marine
  • Military
  • Plant, Paper and Packaging
  • Quarry
  • Transit
Relined Industrial Brake Shoes

These are 4 industrial brake shoes off of an earth mover that we have relined.
The shoes were stripped of their old lining and then cleaned up to bond and rivet the new lining.