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Wichita and WPT Clutches and Brakes

Cohort supply parts for both Wichita & WPT Clutches & Brakes, models include SV – Standard Ventilated, LI – Low Inertia, Copper Alloy Brake, High Torque Clutch, Spring Set Brake, Water Cooled Brake, Kopper Kooled Brake, Power Grip, Mechanical PTO, Magnum Brake, Mistral Brake, Modevo Brake.

Cohort Magnum Brake Discs


Cohort Magnum Brake Pads are available in both standard material and Loco

Cohort Mistral Floating Plate

Cohort Mistral Ring and Back Plate

Cohort Mistral Drive Plate

Cohort Modevo Brake available in both loco & standard coefficients

Cohort Copper Plate for the CSM range of brakes

Copper/water cooled Cohort friction disc with rivets

Cohort copper cooled friction puck

Cohort 1 spud airtube

Cohort 2 spud airtube available in sizes from 6” right up to 60”

Cohort Pancake airtube

Cohort pressure plate

Cohort pressure plate

Cohort Floating Plate

Cohort Grooved Friction Disc